Why Some Homes Don’t Sell

Do you know why some homes fail to sell? As a real estate team who specializes in selling homes that have failed to sell in the past, we have found that there are three main reasons:

Price (based on condition) – 53.7%
Poor Marketing (photography) – 27.6%
Poor Showing Experience (improper presentation) – 15.0%
Sometimes even the most desirable homes do not sell right away. Sometimes it’s due to uncontrollable circumstances, but usually it’s due to improper pricing, poor marketing, and/or poor presentation of the property. We at the RE/MAX YourOrlando.com Team specialize in resolving these issues. Our team is well known for selling homes that have failed to sell in the past. With our past track record, rest assured we will deliver our promise of selling your house. Call us now!


Source: RE/MAX | YourOrlando.com Team


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