Lake size in acres:
Lake depth in feet:
20.0 ft average | Unknown max
Latitude and Longitude:
Latitude: 28.5050
Longitude: -81.5295
County: Orange County, Florida
Zip Code: Zip Code 34786

The Butler Chain of Lakes has over 6,000 acres in surface water; distributed in the following 13 interconnected lakes: Down (900 acres), Little Lake Down (23 acres), Wauseon Bay (100 acres), Butler (1,600 acres), Louise (140 acres), Isleworth (86 acres), Blanche (121 acres), Chase (135 acres), Tibet-Butler (1,200 acres), Unnamed lake (14 acres), Sheen (656 acres), Pocket (126 acres) and Fish (23 acres). The Butler Chain has a total of 32 navigable canals. The Butler Chain of Lakes is also known as the Windermere Chain of Lakes.